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  • I had just turned 20 years old when I decided to leave Sweden. I had ordered the EF catalogue for year and finally booked a course. I never thought I would be able to see the nature of Hawaii, the beaches of California and the big apple, New York. I got to live the real campus lifestyle but also stay with an American family. It felt like I traveled the world because of all the new experiences I got.

  • Hi EF! Thank you for the great service and most of all, the high quality of education. I especially liked the combination of texts, pictures, sound and technology in the way of learning. It was a good feeling to meet students from all over the world and all ages.

  • During my time in London, I met many interesting people, both students and teachers. I feel confident with my vocabulary and grammar now that my English has become fluent. During three months, I got to walk the streets of London, visit museums and enjoy the hospitality of the city. I really made memories for life!

  • My time with EF New York was amazing. The only thing I regret now, is that I didn't stay longer. During my time at the campus, I advanced quickly and met a lot of friends that I still have contact with. Me and my new friends went to Baseball games, Broadway musicals and of course, did a lot of sightseeing. On the weekends we went to Boston and Washington D.C. The best part was still to meet all my new friends.

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